Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Land Trip - Europe (Day 15-16: Beijing, China)

*Update: Video Uploaded for Day 3: Vientiane; Click here
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15 Aug 2011 (Day 15)
Went to do my last round of grocery shopping!!!

And I found a super-delicious stall in the Shopping Centre that sells Fried Dumpling. It is like Fried "Xiao Long Bao". Simply love it!

16 Aug 2011 (Day 16)
Decided to go for massage!
Was looking around for a place that was recomended but couldn't find it. Went to another one that was nearby. The massage was good. I did a 60-min Full Body massage. Felt so much better after that. 
Ate lunch at a Hong Kong Cafe because I missed the chicken that I ate in Hong Kong last year. The verdict? Just average. I think I must really go back to Hong Kong to eat that. Not during this trip though.
I wasn't happy with the food so I had to eat something else. I went back to the Fried Dumpling stall that I went the previous day. Haha.....

Super-delicious as per yesterday. This time I ordered 8 pcs!

This stall is tucked away at Basement 1 of Henderson Shopping Centre.  It is called A Chun Fried-Dumpling. The Dumpling is soft at the top, crispy at the bottom, tender-meat inside, and soup that ooze out when you bite!
If you are ever in Beijing, go try it. I highly recommend it. It is just outside Beijing Subway Station. 

Love it! 

Ok, now I need to get ready for the my Trans-Siberian train ride to Russia!!!

After eating the Fried Dumpling 2 days in a row, my STOMACH WAS NEVER, EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE................................EEEE...........................EEVER, THE SAME, AGAIN!!!

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