Sunday, January 15, 2012

Land Trip - Europe (Day 60: Porjus, Sweden - Part 2)

29 Sept 2011 (Day 60)
OMG! I've been traveling for 60 days already! Unbelievable!

Had the luxury of walking up later because I was still staying in the quaint village of Porjus.
(Cooking Breakfast)
After breakfast, I decided to explore the village a little bit more. More photos opportunities!

(Top of the hill!)

(I thought I could do a MV for "Earth Song" here.)

I went back to the house after one afternoon of taking photos. Just to give you an idea how I spent time during my 2nd day here, I had more than 1,200 pictures taken! Compared to the 500 pictures taken the day before.

I met 2 beautiful young ladies from the USA in the house as they booked the other bedroom. They are 2 fun-loving people with the same purpose of catching the Northern Lights in Porjus. It was nice talking to them and they told me that they had just graduated and will be traveling for the next 6 months! Cool..

We played card games to kill time as we waited till past midnight. The gals taught me to play 2 games that are apparently quite popular in the States. No gambling of course!

And finally, after hours of waiting and monitoring my laptop, we saw the Northern Lights!!! Suddenly, everyone jumped out of their seats and rushed to the window with our cameras and started snapping away. Then we braced the cold and went out of the house to get a wider view of the phenomenon.

Let me just tell you that it is definitely not enough looking at the following pictures, you have to go there to experience it! Enjoy:

Amazing!!! Don't you think? Many people have asked me what is the nicest thing that I've seen in my whole Europe Trip and I would always say, that of all the beautiful man-made monuments and structures, nothing compares to God's Creation.

I thank God for being able to witness the Northern Lights with my own eyes. And it wasn't even winter yet. I can only imagine how beautiful it will be in winter. 

Of course, Porjus is not the only place in the world that you can see the Northern Lights. Next time, I will go to a different place to see it! Simply can't get enough of it! Anybody wanna join?

Like I mentioned above, seeing the pictures is definitely not good enough, you have to go and experience it, at least once in your life. Seeing the lights dancing/moving in the night sky was something indescribable.  I was really happy and blessed to have seen it after traveling for 2 months. 

Slept super well that night, with a smile on my face....

I'll be checking out the next day in the afternoon, and I'll be heading to Oslo, Norway!!!

That will be a more than 24-hour journey. 

After experiencing the NORTHERN LIGHTS, MY LIFE WAS NEVER EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE....................................EEEEEEE............................EEVER, THE SAME, AGAIN!!!

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