Saturday, July 05, 2008

Pics from Surabaya

Hi readers, it had been a busy and fruitful 5 weeks for me. I thoroughly enjoyed myself meeting new people, traveling and training.

Just thought of sharing some pictures with you from Surabaya. Below are the pictures of the hotel that we run our training in.

Cool right?

After soaking in the magnificent beauty of the place, my LIFE WAS NEVER, EEEEEE............EEE............EEVER, THE SAME AGAIN!


arwhill said...

it's me,, ara.
i don't know are you remember about me...
but, we'll meet at ciputra!!!

is there ernest and ken teach the kids??
i miss them. hho.

-meL' said...

hi Peter..^^
how are u..??^^
wHen i see ur picT, that i miss u and miss ur partner..^^ ernest and tHe oNe KEN..^^
you can see me..^^ haha
wHen u back to singapore, we have the taLenT sHow.. at least, i dont know from where team, iT has a person can be like you and Ken.. they're very nice..^^
they can follow ur voice too..^^haha
and ur style about the u cant see me..^^
really nice.. buT, u're noT there.. T.T
when u back to indonesia..??
hope u can go heRe and see u again.. 'cause now my Life is never eeee..eeeeeee..eeeeeeee.. ever be the same again..^^ hahhaha
hope u can emaiL me at^^
Thx Peter..^^

Tom Fu said...

Halo.... Peter
How R U ???
I'm Tommas From Surabaya, everybody call me "The Second Peter Lau"

I've read your book
and now my life realy... realy... never ee...eeee.......ever be the same a...aa....again..

I always miss u and ur partner ( Ernest and Ken )

And i give u one massage again :
"Penampakan is a ghost" (have u know that ??)