Monday, November 15, 2010

2nd Super-Teen Leadership Camp

I'm sooo happy!!!

Just successfully concluded the 2nd Annual Super-Teen Leadership Camp!

Thank you Ernest for allowing it to happen!

Thank you Ah Chai, Link, Rosey, Bricy & Brandoon for making it happen!

Thank you all you new leaders for participating!!! 

Above all, Thank God for the weather and the venue and for the safety of all of us!!!

It was tough but fun. Tiring but enjoyable! Hot and cool at the same time! 

I can't believe that 1 year has passed by so quickly. But I'm glad that it did. Totally grateful for everything that happened in my life.


Will upload some more photos later....zzzzzzz

After conducting this camp, my LIFE WILL NEVER, EEEEEEEEE..............EEEE.....................EEVER, BE THE SAME, AGAIN!!!

1 comment:

Fergus Wong said...

wow peter, you've grown some biceps XD