Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hong Kong

Greetings from the world's largest re-export centre--Hong Kong!

I can't believe that I'm in Hong Kong again. This is the second time that I am here in this magnificent city. I can't fully remember the first time I came to Hong Kong. It must be close to 2 decades ago? All I know for sure is that the last time I came to Hong Kong, it belonged to the British. The second time I'm here, it belongs to the People's Republic of China. 

Still, Hong Kong retains much of its charm over the years. Much have changed since the last time I was here. And I believe it will continue to change. I love it here!

So, over the last few days, I went to visit my long-distance cousin--Andy Lau. I met up with him and caught up with him. It has been years since I last saw him. We talked quite a bit and he was sharing with me that he is currently working on a new movie. And he is really excited about it. I went on to tell him how much I love his movies and he was telling me how much he loved my book. I was taken aback but was smiling like an idiot when he said that. Then, he invited me to join him in his next movie! And he asked me if I was interested. Before I could answer him, I was woken up by the irritating alarm from my phone!!! 

Oh well.

It has been a fascinating few days in Hong Kong so far. The transport system here is so efficient that it is very easy to travel and explore the territory.

Share with you some pics:

It is summer now and the weather is so hot! But at the same time, this period is the typhoon season. So the wind is very strong and the place has been raining for the past few days. Weird. But it is no big deal to the locals.

Anyway, I will continue to explore the beautiful city. And the food!!! It is so delicious! A feast to my taste buds to say the least. So long for now. Did I mention that I love the shopping here too?

After spending a few days in Hong Kong, I know my LIFE WILL NEVER...............EEEEE........EEE.........EVER, BE THE SAME, AGAIN!!!

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