Thursday, December 31, 2009

Smooth Criminal

Hey, guess what? I fulfilled my boyhood dream this past December.

In a previous post, I mentioned that I was not sure if I would dance like Michael Jackson again. But if I were to dance, I said I would do a better job. And I did!

In the recent Super-Teen Holiday Camp in Lembang, I performed "Smooth Criminal" in front of hundreds and hundreds of wonderful people! It was a blast!

I remember when I was 12 years old, I was watching the Teacher's Day Celebration Concert in my school hall. There was this particular performance that left a deep impression in me. It was a MJ Dance performed by my classmate. I think the song was "Billie Jean" and he was absolutely superb. At that time, a thought ran through my mind: "I want to dance like MJ! In front of an a few hundred people!"

I never did.

I always thought that I wasn't good enough. That no matter how much I practised wasn't enough.

12 years later, I finally did it!

Thanks to the combined effort of my 2 talented dancers, Stevia & Tara, we pulled off a show that was hard to forget! I was especially impressed by the both of them because they only took 3 days to learn the dance moves but I took months!. They are incredible!

Was the dance perfect? Probably not.

But did we had fun practising and performing? You bet!

That was all that matters!

For me, that was a huge accomplishment and a boyhood dream fulfilled.
It took me 12 years. So don't complain about not fulfilling your dreams yet!!!

What a way to end 2009!

After the performance, my LIFE WAS NEVER..............................EEEEEEEEEE.......................EEEEE.....................EEVER, THE SAME, AGAIN!!!

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