Saturday, April 12, 2008

Get your copy of "The Joys & Pains of Growing Up: 17 Principles Every Youth Must Know!"

Hi everyone, I am pleased to announce the completion of my book: The Joys & Pains of Growing Up: 17 Principles Every Youth Must Know!

This is the book that I started writing when I was 16 years old and finally, after 7-8 years, it is completed. I felt as if I was pregnant for 7-8 years and then finally giving birth to a baby. Now, this book is my baby! This book is based on my life and in it, I share the lessons and principles I've learned over the years that I believe every youth must know!

Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting to you my new baby...

The whole writing and publishing process brought me many joys and pains. In the end, it was all worth it! Here, I would like to particularly thank Dr Ernest Wong for first believing in me and guiding me through the whole process even though it was a painful process. I would also like to thank the team of extraordinary people whom I have the good fortune of working with. Namely, Auntie Theresa, Ken and Gabriel. Thank you guys for making me a better person!

This book will not be available at the bookshops yet (maybe in a month or so), but you can get your hands on a copy before it hits the bookshops. You can either contact me directly at my email: OR you can get the books from Learning Mastery Training Center. The address is as follows:

Learning Mastery Training Center
122 Middle Road
Midlink Plaza, #07-04
Singapore 188973
(Nearest MRT Station: Bugis)

Note that the Training Center may not be open everyday but it will be open on most weekends from 1:30 to 5:30pm.

Please help me spread the good news to your friends! Thank you for your support!

Go get this book Now and your LIFE WILL NEVER, EEEEEEEE................EEEE..................EEVER, BE THE SAME AGAIN!!!

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doLpHiNz(^_^) said...

Hey honky..congratulations!!glad u finally "gave birth"...happy for u.. ^_^